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Pirate Crew

Who We Are

We are parents and caring adults who love our community’s children and teenagers and want them to have a great educational experience. 

What We Do

To create a healthy Pirate community, we believe adult volunteers contribute to an encouraging and supportive culture to build a vibrant school community for students, teachers, and administrators. 

How to Join

In three short, simple steps (sign up, show up, serve), you can begin positively impacting the lives of students.

Pirate Crew Vols

Background Check


Volunteer Form

GHS Front Office Staff has made it easy for Pirate Crew to show up and serve. 


Directions for Pirate Crew Parking:


Directions for Pirate Crew Check-In:

There are multiple ways for members of Pirate Crew to serve GHS staff and students:

  • tutoring & mentoring
  • lunch period encouragement
  • hallway monitors
  • teacher appreciation
  • speakers bureau

Rules of Engagement & Encouragement

  • Come with a smile and an uplifting spirit to encourage the students and teachers.
  • Speak positively and politely to everyone on campus.
  • School administrators are the campus authorities, we are the encouragement.
  • Always maintain proper boundaries with students and staff, never being alone or touching students or staff.
  • Let all interactions reflect joy and peace
  • Remember, we are on campus as an encourager. Leave any personal or political agendas at the doors.